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Electric Bicycles Are For Everyone

Prodecotech hybrid electric bicycles and folding ebikes implement the latest advances in cutting edge eco-technology, incorporating the highest quality solid weather resistant frames, parts and components. Each bike is carefully crafted in the Untied States. Prodecotech has 21 stunning electric bicycle modela to meet the demands of all ages, riders and terrains. Each ebike purchase includes a 2 year tire to tire manufactures warranty on all bicycle parts and components

New 2018 Prodecotech V7 Ebike Series

Prodecotech Introduces Tesla's New Weather Resistant Eco-Battery System

Tesla Brings New Technology to eBike Batteries

Telsa has revolutionized the way we use and conserve electricity. Now together with Samsung bringing new technology to Prodecotech's pedal assisted ebikes.

Each cell utilizes Samsung's SDI lithium-ion battery cell weather resistant powerpack tube and rack in new cutting edge, sleek lit display and futuristic style to improve the distance, efficiency and charging time for riders. Also available in wide a variety of styles.

The Tesla company researched what the best possible format would be for their Tesla ebike next generation cell packs. It was not before long Prodecotech adopted Samsung's battery system to better suit rider with a higher efficiency and batterypack system.