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Prodecotech Genesis R 600W G DT Electric Bicycle

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The Genesis R commuter bike has been reinvented with the battery now mounted in the downtube of the frame. This new design allows for a better balanced ride and increased protection of the battery from the elements. The battery is equipped with Samsung cells that add up to 14.25Ah of energy, and is powered by a 600 Watt geared motor. The Genesis R goes up to 20mph and can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. The easy step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting easy for men and women.

The Continental Town & Country tires are outfitted with SRAM DB1 hydraulic disc brakes and Triple Box 36H rims. The RockShox 100mm suspension fork provides more robust suspension, and Promax handlebar for control and comfort. The Genesis has evolved into a very comfortable commuter with SRAM components for better performance and power.

  • City Hybrid Electric Bike Perfect for Commuting
  • Step Through Frame
  • 600W Geared Motor in the Rear Wheel
  • 36v 14.25Ah Samsung Battery Cells
  • 20MPH Top Speed
  • Suntour Suspension Fork
  • SRAM Level Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 35 Miles Distance per Charge


  • The battery pack is mounted in the downtube of the frame for balanced weight distribution.
  • The 36V 14.25Ah is built with, reliable, Samsung Battery Cells.
  • A single charge can power a rider for 25-35 miles.
  • Easily changeable battery good for up to 7 hours.


  • The SRAM Level hydraulic disc brakes provide more than enough stopping power for the 20mph top speed of the Genesis R ebike.
  • The brakes are extremely responsive and paired with Avid GS2 rotors, 180mm front and 160mm rear.
  • Link to Hyrdaulic Brake Maintenance / Manual.


  • This electric bike is equipped with, industry leading, bicycle components by SRAM, including an 8-Speed.
  • Drive train utilizing the SRAM X7/X4 shifter and derailluer combo.
  • The SRAM X7 twist shifter is amazingly smooth, allowing for quick & easy gear changes.
  • The X4 derailluer includes the best aspects of SRAM shifting and lightweight construction for excellent performance.


  • Hills are no match for the, powerful, 36V 600W geared motor mounted in the rear wheel.
  • Geared motors are smaller in size and lighter weight which makes the Genesis R look more like a normal bicycle than a powerful electric bicycle.
  • Geared motors have less resistance when pedalling vs direct drive motors, however also are slightly noisier due to the planetary gear system.Geared motors also have slightly more torque, great for powering up inclines.


  • Half Twist 36v Variable control throttle for smooth acceleration and control
  • 36v 23A motor controller for optimal efficiency
  • LED battery indicator lights


  • 26" Suspension Fork with 100mm of travel for comfortable riding
  • Motion Control ™ Damping for low speed compression adjustment
  • Suspension lockouts for flexibility in riding styles and terrains


  • Durable casing and long-lasting tread for sporty leisure riders
  • Reliable and fail-safe everyday tire
  • Wire bead and mesh sidewall design for reliable sporty use


  • Threadless Black Promax MA570 Adjustable 108mm x 31.8mm Stem
  • City style handlebar for comfortable upright cruising position
  • Adjustable to fit many riding styles and rider sizes

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