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Stridematic Electric Bike

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The Stridematic v5 is a very unique addition to the Stride Step-through Series of electric bikes. The Stridematic is one of Prodecotech's pedal assist electric bikes which utilized a SRAM eMatic 250w motor with a torque sensor. A torque sensor is one method of pedal assist technology which measures the rider's effort while pedaling and uses that measurement to drive a certain amount of power to the motor. This eBike is also equipped with a RockShox suspension fork and disc brakes which makes this eBike an excellent choice for someone looking to ride an American built, pedal assist commuter.

  • 26" Wheel - Step Through Frame
  • 350W Mid-Drive Motor & Torque Sensor Pedal Assist
  • 36v 11.6Ah Samsung Battery
  • NuVinci N380 Speed Hub
  • Suntour Suspension Fork
  • SRAM Level Hydraulic Disc Brakes


  • The 36v 11.6Ah battery paired with the Stridematic offers higher capacity than our other models which makes this ebike an excellent choice for commuting.
  • Much like our other models the battery is mounted in the rear rack above the rear wheels, allowing for 45lb storage capacity.


  • Prodecotech keeps consistent for our high level of standards in brakes by implementing the SRAM Level Hydraulic disc brakes on the Stridematic, mid-drive, electric bike.
  • When travelling at speeds up to 20mph braking quality and performance should not be compromised which is Prodecotech's reason for implementing top-tier braking components in our entire line.


  • The NuVinci N380 Speed Hub is an internally geared rear hub which gives the Stridematic a continuously variable gearing system.
  • When this shifter is twisted, whether stopped or moving, and the gear ratio can be adjusted within it's 380% range.
  • The NuVinci N380 coupled with the Stridematic's mid-drive motor gives the rider an amazingly smooth and efficient riding experience.


  • The 36v 350W motor is paired with a Torque Sensor pedal assist system.
  • Torque sensors operate by providing power based on the force that the rider is applying to the pedals.
  • This mid-drive / pedal-assist combination makes the Stridematic electric bike a perfect balance of efficiency and power.


  • The Stridematic uses a 36v motor controller but it is uniquely equipped with a Pedal Assist System (PAS) using a Torque Sensor.
  • The torque sensor measure the amount of force exerted by the rider's legs.
  • Based on the torque sensor's measurement a certain amount of power is supplied by the 350W Mid-Drive motor.


  • The Stridematic is one of the best-equipped ebikes in the Stride Series and this shows when you look at the Suntour NEX e25 suspension fork.
  • The Suntour NEX e25 suspension has of travel and has exceptional abilities absorbing rougher bumps and terrain.
  • The Stridematic is suited to be one of the most-enjoyable and best-performing bikes for commuting and exploring.


  • The ultra-durable Continental Town & Country tires are well known for their longevity and are used by police forces throughout the globe.
  • Designed for stability and traction these tires also have great performance on wet terrain.
  • The smooth tread surface also has low rolling resistance which provides a noticibly more effortless ride.


  • There are more high-end components right under your nose when riding this ebike.
  • The Promax 319 city handlebars measure 610mm x 23.4mm x 40R x 30°.
  • Adjust the handlebar position to your liking with the Quill Threaded Promax MQ533 Adjustable Stem, 110mm x 25.4mm.


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